Your phone goes everywhere your hands go. You wash your hands, but what about the phone? According to scientific studies, cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom – ugh!

We imprinted our first PhoneSoap®s a couple of years ago, and those clients are still loving them, and gloating to their friends and family about being ahead of the curve!  Now everyone wants one (that’s why new orders currently won’t ship until July or August!)

PhoneSoap® is a desktop container which kills germs and bacteria on your phone, keys, jewelry, credit cards – anything you can fit into the box.
– Using the cleansing power of UV light, PhoneSoap® is designed to sanitize any phone while it charges.

– Rids your belongings of germs and bacteria

– Designed to fit any phone

– Acoustic audio amplifier so you don’t miss your notifications

– Charges your phone while it’s being disinfected

– As seen on SharkTank and proven on MythBusters

– 2x 254nm UV-C lamps; Includes a charging plug

Right now, we have a special offer for our friends and clients.
For a limited time, pre-order your very own PhoneSoap® from us.  We’ll decorate them and ship as soon as they’re back in stock.

Printed with your logo/design – $79.95
Printed with our logo – $64.95

Blank Phone Soaps retail at $79.95 directly from the PhoneSoap website. Why not get yours customized for the same price?
This is a limited time offer, so please order soon. Your phone is counting on you!
Davenport Design & Print – keeping it clean!