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Safe Touch

Printing for the "new normal" Everyone is stocking up on hand sanitizer, masks, and Covid-19 signage, but did you know your business cards and other printed material can prevent the spread of germs, too? SafeTouch™ Antimicrobial Coating - an environmentally friendly coating applied to custom printed paper. SafeTouch™ provides up to 99.99% product protection to [...]

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Phone Soap

Your phone goes everywhere your hands go. You wash your hands, but what about the phone? According to scientific studies, cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom - ugh! We imprinted our first PhoneSoap®s a couple of years ago, and those clients are still loving them, and gloating to their friends [...]

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Ready To Help

During these strange times, many of you don't need printing, promotional products, or apparel from Davenport Design & Print. But you will. When this Covid craziness passes you'll be out marketing like never before. We'll be here for you then, as we are now. To help you prepare, we'll be sharing tips on products, processes, [...]

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